Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm so behind!

I have designed so many blogs since I last posted! I've been swamped with work on many fronts and cannot complain. Here's a little catch-up. To see the whole look of any of the blogs I've worked on, see my client list at right.

In no particular order:
I wish I could pick a favorite, but I really can't! I'm working on 3 more, so there will be even more to see soon!


Robin said...

Hi Alison
I'm Robin. Rain from Raining Raining chose me as the winner of her blog redesign give away! She told me to get in touch with you so we could get started. My blog is:

What information would you like specifically from me? Contact me through my blog or email me : rthagard at
:)I love your work! I'm so excited.

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